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AmplituDS was my first real project for the NDS, and it was also one of the first homebrew games to feature music and not only that, but on top of that it's actually also used as gameplay element.
I've been improving it since I released the first version to the public. A lot. Hopefully my efforts will not go unnoticed.
This game is actually based on the gameplay of Amplitude for the PlayStation 2, from the creators who also made Guitar Hero later on.

Rarely updated media:

    Click on a picture to see its larger version.

    Two movies are currently available. Click on the corresponding number below to view it. More will be posted here when they appear online.
    Movies: 1 | 2

Current features:

  • Awesome gameplay
  • With sweet music
  • Highscores are used for unlocking
  • Greatly enhanced looks and feel
  • Support for a lot of flashcards due to using DLDI
  • The ability to insert own music and/or target-layout! :)
    Check the stage creation tutorial section below

The readme:

    This readme explains how to setup the game, the concept of the game, and the controls of the game.

    link to online readme

Stage creation tutorial:

    This tutorial goes through the steps of creating a stage for AmplituDS. This has been possible since version 3 of the game, and with this newly created tutorial, it should be a lot easier to accomplish. A big thanks goes out to DevilSpawn for creating it.

    link to stage creation tutorial