Sat, April 12th, 2008 at 12:57

Both AmplituDS v3 and v3.1 were adjusted today to not contain the (hidden) bonus stage Lady Lucifer anymore.

Unfortunately, we have made the mistake of not contacting the creator of the music of that stage (acumen) in order to get approval for the distribution of his song as a part of AmplituDS. He asked us to remove the stage from the download packages on this site, which I have now done.

My apologies to both acumen and the AmplituDS userbase for this slip-up.

In order to not end this post without having said anything positive at all, I'll at least mention that there are currently a couple of people working on new stages for AmplituDS. And they should bring tears of joy to your eyes, as they are extremely good. *whistles*

Posted by sander

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