Fri, August 1st, 2008 at 19:49

Yep, it happened again... I said I wouldn't work on it anymore, and voila, another version appears anyway.

V4 has quite a few bugfixes, a couple of new features, and three new playable stages from the get go, with more in the making.
Download the new AmplituDS here.

A quick hint to one of the new stages, which is included in the package:

The other two stages, are downloadable on the forums only, and can be found here. They are "Ode to Megaman" by Aaron, and "Unreal" by Dementedioser.

As for some other news: Aaron also made a nice new stage creator application for AmplituDS, which makes the process a lot easier. Thanks, Aaron. Check that out over here.

Now, what's new in AmplituDS v4?
  • A new and improved way of adding worlds and stages! With the ease of dropping in a folder.
  • New layouts and settings formats (made easy by a converter created by Aaron)
  • Making hitting the targets more visual.
  • Create several new looks for targets.

The bugs fixed?
  • Freestyle possibly working in menus; thanks to Dementedioser for bringing it to my attention
  • Instruments marked to be played in the background could fail; thanks to Aaron for bringing it to my attention
  • Wrong menu option highlighted for 1/30th of a second when going to a new menu; thanks to Aaron for bringing it to my attention
  • Scoring inconsistency when using autoblaster in certain situations; thanks to Aaron for bringing it to my attention

Thanks go out to all the stage creators and people who helped made this a reality. Special thanks to Aaron, Dementedioser and DevilSpawn for this one.

Enjoy, guys! :)

Posted by sander

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