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Sun, December 7th, 2008 at 16:06

It seems that the man in charge at Violation Entertainment has created a news post linking to a nice wallpaper of Ulterior Warzone, which is our joint venture to a highly-polished, intuitive RTS game for the Nintendo DS handheld. It contains some scaled down screenshots, so definitely worth a look.

Source: Violation Entertainment's news page.

Posted by sander

Sat, August 9th, 2008 at 09:56

Yes, that's right. Two people have been hard at work to give you two new stages to play with, alongside the three new ones AmplituDS v4 already brought! So that brings up the total to...... umm.... count the one .... FIVE new stages for the fourth version of AmplituDS. Awesome.

The first new stage was created by forum member wormcrap and is called chip nr one. Its difficulty is about the same as the other stages in the world Secundus, so it's a good fit in that world.

The second new stage was created by forum member Aaron Lindsay and is called Voxelbuffer. Its difficulty is off the charts, it's incredibly difficult. We gave it a symbolic 11/10 difficulty, because each difficulty of this stage is a step higher than it's supposed to really: mellow plays like normal, normal plays like brutal, brutal plays like insane, and insane is.... outragious. So, knowing that, I suggest you all create a new world(folder) called "outragia" and put this stage in there to try it out, if you're not already shaking in your boots of fear. ;)

Now, I've noticed that a lot of people overlooked the fact that there already were two other new stages downloadable for AmplituDS v4 on the AmplituDS forum. So I'll quickly mention them here as well. The stage Unreal by Dementedioser, and the stage Ode to Megaman by Aaron Lindsay.

All of these new and wonderful stages can be downloaded in the AmplituDS forums. You do -not- need to register for the forums to be able to download them.

Download section of the new stages.

If you're confused and don't know how to add new stages to AmplituDS, please check this topic.
Have fun playing AmplituDS! :)

Posted by sander

Sat, August 2nd, 2008 at 09:01

It seemed the v4 downloads I had up had two flaws:
1) Difficulty selection menu was -seriously- flawed.
2) AmplituDS wouldn't work on R4.

Both of these issues are fixed now.
If you downloaded AmplituDS v4 before this message was posted, please redownload. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Also, there's no need to register for the forums to be able to obtain the new, seperately downloadable stages. Each of the stages posts has a nice "Download" link in it which everyone should be able to use, even if not registered.

Posted by sander

Fri, August 1st, 2008 at 19:49

Yep, it happened again... I said I wouldn't work on it anymore, and voila, another version appears anyway.

V4 has quite a few bugfixes, a couple of new features, and three new playable stages from the get go, with more in the making.
Download the new AmplituDS here.

A quick hint to one of the new stages, which is included in the package:

The other two stages, are downloadable on the forums only, and can be found here. They are "Ode to Megaman" by Aaron, and "Unreal" by Dementedioser.

As for some other news: Aaron also made a nice new stage creator application for AmplituDS, which makes the process a lot easier. Thanks, Aaron. Check that out over here.

Now, what's new in AmplituDS v4?
  • A new and improved way of adding worlds and stages! With the ease of dropping in a folder.
  • New layouts and settings formats (made easy by a converter created by Aaron)
  • Making hitting the targets more visual.
  • Create several new looks for targets.

The bugs fixed?
  • Freestyle possibly working in menus; thanks to Dementedioser for bringing it to my attention
  • Instruments marked to be played in the background could fail; thanks to Aaron for bringing it to my attention
  • Wrong menu option highlighted for 1/30th of a second when going to a new menu; thanks to Aaron for bringing it to my attention
  • Scoring inconsistency when using autoblaster in certain situations; thanks to Aaron for bringing it to my attention

Thanks go out to all the stage creators and people who helped made this a reality. Special thanks to Aaron, Dementedioser and DevilSpawn for this one.

Enjoy, guys! :)

Posted by sander

Sat, April 12th, 2008 at 12:57

Both AmplituDS v3 and v3.1 were adjusted today to not contain the (hidden) bonus stage Lady Lucifer anymore.

Unfortunately, we have made the mistake of not contacting the creator of the music of that stage (acumen) in order to get approval for the distribution of his song as a part of AmplituDS. He asked us to remove the stage from the download packages on this site, which I have now done.

My apologies to both acumen and the AmplituDS userbase for this slip-up.

In order to not end this post without having said anything positive at all, I'll at least mention that there are currently a couple of people working on new stages for AmplituDS. And they should bring tears of joy to your eyes, as they are extremely good. *whistles*

Posted by sander


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