Sat, August 9th, 2008 at 09:56

Yes, that's right. Two people have been hard at work to give you two new stages to play with, alongside the three new ones AmplituDS v4 already brought! So that brings up the total to...... umm.... count the one .... FIVE new stages for the fourth version of AmplituDS. Awesome.

The first new stage was created by forum member wormcrap and is called chip nr one. Its difficulty is about the same as the other stages in the world Secundus, so it's a good fit in that world.

The second new stage was created by forum member Aaron Lindsay and is called Voxelbuffer. Its difficulty is off the charts, it's incredibly difficult. We gave it a symbolic 11/10 difficulty, because each difficulty of this stage is a step higher than it's supposed to really: mellow plays like normal, normal plays like brutal, brutal plays like insane, and insane is.... outragious. So, knowing that, I suggest you all create a new world(folder) called "outragia" and put this stage in there to try it out, if you're not already shaking in your boots of fear. ;)

Now, I've noticed that a lot of people overlooked the fact that there already were two other new stages downloadable for AmplituDS v4 on the AmplituDS forum. So I'll quickly mention them here as well. The stage Unreal by Dementedioser, and the stage Ode to Megaman by Aaron Lindsay.

All of these new and wonderful stages can be downloaded in the AmplituDS forums. You do -not- need to register for the forums to be able to download them.

Download section of the new stages.

If you're confused and don't know how to add new stages to AmplituDS, please check this topic.
Have fun playing AmplituDS! :)

Posted by sander

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